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Professional Training

One of the world's most popular industrial leader, China Association of Certified Financial Planners (CICFP), which is also the centre for professional certification for certified financial planners.  The strategy of the Institute fits into the current situations in China, and closely follows the trends of financial planning industry.  The courses offered by CICFP are the most comprehensive and high-quality training. 

Training Subjects

Finance companies, trust companies, banks, insurance companies, securities institutions, investment houses, futures companies, finance companies, accountants, tax accountants, law firms, managers, financial consultants, account managers, investment advisers, training consultants, financial controllers in domestic and foreign-based firms, and senior management.

 Through the training the candidates will be equipped with the following abilities:

  1. To use advanced financial theory and concepts to change product-oriented sales approach;
  2. To exploit market segmentation and product portfolio approach to existing financial products offered in financial institutions;
  3. To serve high-end customers with financial planning reports;
  4. Explore the suitable training patterns, teacher qualifications and mode of teaching;
  5. To strengthen one's capabilities in sales, planning one's career and enhance one's professional image.  




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