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CICFP CFP Certified Financial Planner    

Certification Subject: 

  1. An undergraduate in year 4 or the equivalent;
  2. Postgraduates with Masters Degree and have related experience in financial planning;
  3. University graduates for 3 years and have related experience in financial planning;
  4. University graduates for 5 years and have related experience in financial planning;
  5. Personnel with outstanding sales performance.   

Study Texts 

  1. Personal Finance Basics
  2. Financial Planning
  3. Life Financial Planning
  4. Design in Financial Planning Proposals
  5. Insurance practice
  6. Fundamentals in Investment
  7. Financial Planners career handbook
  8. Corporate Finance-New Prespective in Company Budgeting 

 Training Modes 

  1. Class teaching by experts+ self-learning + discussion + pre-exam guidance + web-based training with simulated tests;
  2. Credit-based teaching management, recurring lectures;
  3. Teaching materials and syllabi are complied and supplied by the CICFP Examination Management Office. CICFP Lecturers and authorized trainers are financial planning experts and lectures are delivered in Chinese. 

Examination Details 

  1. A unified national examination being run 4 times on annual basis;
  2. Examination is to test basics and to assess professional competency;
  3. Membership conferred after examination: Certificate Financial Planner certificate.


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